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Below normal circumstance, darling is to need to begin to add after 6 months complementary fed, normal mother milk cannot have satisfied the requirement of darling, treasure of a year oldShanghai night net A falls in love with the sea to be the same as a cityTreasure has been to be able to eat of a lot of complementary fed, chicken is eatable of course, darling eats chicken is very much to healthy gain, it is the growth that can promote darling intelligence, had better be the chicken that eats nature to grow nevertheless, chicken although nutrition is rich, but one-time what do not eat to darling is too much.

Can a year old of darling eat chicken?

Darling eats drumstick to have what profit

1, improve the health

The digestive rate of chicken is high, be absorbed very easily to use by human body, have the effect that enhances physical strength, strong body.

2, raise immunity force

Enhance immune power, reduce sicken odds. Chicken has Wen Zhongyi gas, filling essence to fill the effect of caustic of the five internal organs of pith, beneficial, filling empty, use at treating empty fatigue emaciated, medium empty feeds heart-throb of dizziness of little, have loose bowels, menstruation to be not moved, postpartum breast the symptom such as thirsty of little, disappear, oedema.

3, promote wisdomForum of baby of new Shanghai noble Shanghai noble baby communicates an areaForce growth

Have fight oxidation and particular alexipharmic action. Improving aspect of development of intelligence of heart brain function, stimulative children, have better effect more.


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[what does the practice of congee of grape lotus seed have] _ does _ how to do –

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This kind of fruit can eat the grape raw directly not only, still can make currant and make wine, still can boil congee even, there are a lot of white black false bellebores inside grapy peel, so edible hind can reduce the hematic fat in human body, will increase immune capacity thereby, hemal to heart head disease also has very good precaution effect, to assure congee kind nutrition, OK still and right amount affiliation a few lotus seed, so what does the practice of congee of grape lotus seed have?

What does the practice of congee of grape lotus seed have

The first, what does the practice of congee of grape lotus seed have? Lotus seed sliver goes core. Currant is abluent. Go core lotus seed and currant load made of baked clay Bao together inside, add water 800 milliliter left and right sides, after the baked wheaten cake that use flourishing leaves, convert slow fire, bao comes lotus seed is ripe the cease-fire when rotting, drink soup to eat makings. The dosage of currant 50 grams of 30 ~ all but. This soup has the beneficial liver, action that brings an embryo.

What does the practice of congee of grape lotus seed have

The 2nd, Forum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net 1000 beautiful community of ShanghaiCurrant nutrition analyses: The iron in currant and calcic content are very rich, the nourishing beautiful that is the person that children, woman reachs body weak anaemia is tasted, can enrich the blood gas, warm kidney, cure is anaemic, plaque reduces; currant embedded and many dextrose, have nutrition to cardiac muscle, conduce to the rehabilitation;3 of patient of coronary heart di[……]

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[black tea uses potting of what tea service] _ boils _ how to boil –

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The type of tea not only a lot of, and tea of avery kind of has his particular characteristic, when cooking tea so, use a kind of tea service as far as possible, can affect the taste of tea otherwise, the history that black tea is in our country is very long, the person that often drinks tea knows, need cooks black tea, if choose the method that bubble formulates, cannot send the effect of black tea completelyLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch Love Shanghai is the same as city forumBrandish comes out, Sh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum Shanghai Long Feng forumPotting of what tea service does so black tea use?

Black tea uses potting of what tea service

The first, potting of what tea service does black tea use? Make tea set with contented, contented is made but adsorptive sex eliminates a few tea to ferment, the miscellaneous flavour that when tea is deposited, forms, the Chen Xiang of nigrify tea is more outstanding. In addition, the black tea of collocation of straightforward, air that Tao Zhicha has, honest dignified, more accord with the Chen Yun with black deep tea.

Black tea uses potting of what tea service

The 2nd, vitreous bottle cooks tea, kettle is connected fully bright, high temperature resistant performance is strong, can undertake heating on fire directly, safety does not have poisonous insipidity. It is the necessary product of people house home. Easily clean. Its apply to the direct boil of beverage and the food such as black tea, coffee, milk, also apply to with bubble of boiling water build by laying bricks or stones all sorts of green tea, scented tea, black of c[……]

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[fruit oatmeal is bubble still is boiled] _ of _ fruit flavour how bubble –

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In the course that chooses oatmeal, people can choose the oatmeal of different type according to his taste, among them fruit oatmeal is type of a kind of special gay getting a person. A few fruits were joined in fruit oatmeal, can enhance oaten mouthfeel. Because most person is eating oaten when the taste of metropolis feeling oatmeal is a bit delicate, but fruit oatmeal is in edible when be bubble or potting?

Fruit oatmeal is bubble still is boiled

Fruit cornmeal which delicious how to eat how bubble

1, fruit milk is oaten

This fruit milk is oaten, in the fruit of banana He Ping that homely milk increased good human body to grow on oaten foundation, these two kinds feed material to conduce to enhance immune power. And milk is tie-in and oaten can fill for human body calcic, goluptious nutrition.

Material: Eat oatmeal namely 2 big spoon, delicacy suckles 1/4 of 1 cup, apple, banana 1/2 root, currant a certain number of.

Practice: Enter right amount oaten enter in the cup. Oatmeal develops bubble with half cups of hot boiled water. Bright grandma is joined mix in oatmeal divide evenly. Reserve section of apple, banana. Milk is oaten in join banana, apple, scatter on currant can eat.

2, colour greens is oaten cake

ThisA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city Fall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 saunaColour greens oatmeal is special for the child custom-built, the asparagus with colourful, rich nutrition and carrot were added in material, the oatmeal on collocation and egg, this one small cake, nutrition is ver[……]

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