Imperceptible already 10 years ” the door of destiny stone ” 10 anniversary Logo is announced

5pb. was announced a few days ago ” the door of destiny stone ” series the picture of 10 anniversary Logo, the birthday that this series will greet 2019. Of this game the first making is on October 15, 2009 platform of Japanese area Xbox 360 is rolled out. This work is afterwards ” CHAOS;HEAD ” later, 5pb. With Nitro+ collaboration layout ” series of covet science ADV ” adventurous game (ADV) the 2nd make: Fictitious science ADV. ” Steins;Gate ” ” Steins ” (destiny stone) one word is taken from physicist Aerbaite Aiyin Si Tan (Einstein, ン of イ of タ of ュ of シ of ア イ ン ) , the relativistic physics element that Einstein founds also is involved in the story. Make the news that there has been animation to change before game of computer of Japanese put on sale originally. Windows version on August 26, 2010 put on sale. Animation began on April 5, 2011 head sow, at head sow the 24th word (on September 13, 2011) after ending, announce make ” theatrical edition Steins;Gate ” message. At present of this series newest making is ” the door of destiny stone: Elite ” , already will land on September 20 by platform of Japanese area PS4/PSV/Switch, will land platform of Euramerican area PS4/Switch/PC on Feburary 19 at next year. Although at present 5pb. Had not announced the new work of this series, mention according to the company nevertheless ” the development that awaits tomorrow ” , and this a series of is in the force with 2 powerful dimension, believe to had had make newly not less in[……]

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” true the Three Kingdoms is incomparable 8 ” Zhen Ji of new dress DLC wears empty elder sister to subdue glamour boundless

On game history today: ” original shape of cause sb’s death by maltreating him ” in North America put on sale

Swim history since galactic justice emissary

On game history today: ” sciuroid big fight ” in Japanese put on sale

Swim history since galactic justice emissary

This may be current the look up before the most comprehensive E3

Emissary of justice of the Milky Way of a week topic

On game history today: ” bloodsucker: Avoid the world saves atone for ” official put on sale

Swim history since galactic justice emissary[……]

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” American header 3 ” person of edition of falcon collect carefully is announced occasionally add give miniature unmanned chance

” American header 3 ” was about to be shown formally on May 6 this year, this paragraph of time can give Hot Toys of film periphery manufacturer kept very busy. After MK3 of machine of eye of soldier of day of MK46 of header of United States of afterwards new edition, steely a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct, winter, eagle, war, they announced the near future again falcon of periphery of part of energy of life of a person.

New edition 1:6Scale falcon is brand-new flight battle garment, much angle is adjustable flight ala, carve of head of class of Anthony Mackay waxwork, double joint of tall flexibility arm is designed, add give complete new clothes to have nobody drive plane Gong Yi.

Hot Toys is the modelling in cooperating the film, brand-new falcon adds red to give priority to with deep ash tonal and brand-new the battle dresses model. Trousers of the T-shirt of gray short sleeve that the upper part of the body matchs to connect humeral armour with deep gray vest, armor, deep gray matchs kneecap of metal of line crus copy and black boot to wait. Hot Toys basis actor appearance, model go out to make an appointment with 30cm high, have the special element system that exceeds 30 movable joint, line of muscle of the upper part of the body and skin grain appear to feel character realistically, the flight heroic bearing of faultlessly reductive falcon. In addition, the character still is added give complete new clothes to have nobody drive fittings o[……]

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” X battle alarm: Apocalyptic ” culminating and premonitory hair cloth demon form female by apocalyptic be over cruel

By Bulaienxinge hold guide ” X battle alarm: Apocalyptic ” will show in North America on May 27 this year. Culminating prevue had given off Chinese edition recently. Disclose in the prevue before be like herewith in that way, publicize form of the demon in illuminating female (Jenny Fulaolunsi) by apocalyptic (Oscar Yi Sake) lock larynx, on the verge of death or destruction.

Because group of battle of villain in drama had apocalyptic affiliation and have sth. worth seeing or reading more, apocalyptic it is the first varietal person, can restrospect to thousands of years ago, allegedly this mutation ever committed heinous crime before person first ancestor, it is him those who caused Yatelandisi is sunken, the Buddhist nun that stride stannum becomes feeble and die civilizedly, athenian mystery is pestilential, wei Suwei erupts volcanicly, and the burn down of Roman city. As his arousal, the crisis that tellurian civilization will confront blood is washed again. He also is the varietal person with the strongest capability at the same time, in prevue, demon form female be loosened gently by him with Professor X dead clutch sea is flat.


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