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Can see in a lot of dish with pea factitive burden, pea contains rich nutrition, suit each ages paragraph when. The pea that we eat at ordinary times is tenderer commonly, mouthfeel is very good also, can use make all sorts of food. But how is old pea done delicious? Old pea can be fried together with the flesh, also can stew together with dawdle, anyhow is very much food can be made together with old pea, and flavour also won’t because pea is old and become bad.

How is old pea done delicious

Pea fries the flesh

Material pea, pork, chili, unripe smoke, jiang Mo, garlic powder, saline practice 1, pork cuts into shreds, chili cuts man, ginger garlic cuts end.

2, the heat inside boiler is oily, put powder of Jiang Mo, garlic to explode sweet, put the pork that has cut to fry to become angry, install dish.

3, the heat inside boiler is oily, the pea that put a person explodes fry a minute.

4, put green chili, chili again, put the shredded meat that has fried to break up fry.

5, add right amount unripe smoke, salt, fry divide evenly can.

How is old pea done delicious

Pea dawdleForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Small fry

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Material pea, carrot, dawdle, corn, salt, gallinaceous essence, wet amylaceous


1. cleans all material clean, cut fourth

2. pea uses boiling water float first ripe, oil is put in boiler, ordinal put carrot man to fry soft, join dawdle corn man to break up then fry, fast ripe when the Wan with enter scald goodLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Fabaceous man, transfer into salt, gallinaceous essence, drench a few wet starch is ticked off despise Gorgon euryale can

Bean curd pea mixes soup

Material flavoring practice

1 unripe spinach and bean curd are put into mixer

2 dozens come young slippery

3 put into other data to fry sweet

4 join next chicken broth and clear water are boiled boil

5 join spinach finally bean curd

6 join salt flavors

How is old pea done delicious

7 fill a bowl medium

8 namely into

9 bean curd pea mix soup

Hoosh of flower type pea

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Pea (can) 300 grams olive oil 1 spoon is lardy (can omit) 1 teaspoon onion 0.5 carrot sea salt of cup of 1/4 of milk of low fat of 750cc of 0.5 chicken thin soup is right amount black peppery and right amount foreign caraway is right amount


1 drop does the moisture of pea can, reserve. Onion and carrot cut man, takeForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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One stockpot, medium baking temperature joins olive oil to reach lardy, join vegetable man to mix fry 8~10 minute, appear till onion transparent feel

Forum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

2 join pea and gallinaceous thin soup, boil with conflagration after boiling 10 minutes, turn small fire is built boil 1 hour

3 measure 2 hit into mud with recuperation machine, pour cook again again in, join milk to heat with small fire, asperse according to be fond of before edible on foreign caraway, sea salt, black peppery

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