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Article introduction

Be in China, have a lot of states one class protects a plant, because they are too exiguous really too precious, suddenly Shan Shihu is a kind among them. It is a kind of herb, configuration is more special, present a pistachio, differentiate very easily. Because be material of a kind of Chinese traditional medicine, say so or can use edible, meeting generation compares right result. So the issue came, of suddenly Shan Shihu have a way specific what be?

Of suddenly Shan Shihu what is having a way?

1, the medicinal material that prohibits be being taken together with the stem of noble dendrobium

The Chinese traditional medicine that heats up alexipharmic action material

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Wait like honeysuckle, Forsythia suspensa, dandelion, cordate houttuynia, Daqingxie.

The Chinese traditional medicine that dirty having have diarrhoea uses material

Be like leaf of have diarrhoea of Chinese rhubarb, mirabilite, luxuriant, fire frost of Ma Ren, croton.

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Those who have effect of disperse the internal heat with sudorifics is medium medicinal material

Like field mint, jingjie, hemp leaf of yellow, cassia twig, purple perilla, Xin Yi is spent etc.

Of suddenly Shan Shihu what is having a way?

2, file delicate last stage

Will dry article (Huo Feng is fought) file becomes fine end, had installed with dry and sealed bottle stand-by, take about 1 gram every time, with take medicine with water of plain boiled water.

3, dip wine

The significant component easy dissolve that fights because of Huo Feng atFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Alcohol, effect of bright the stem of noble dendrobium is better, wine of milliliter of every 500 grams is put dry taste 2 grams or delicacyLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Taste 12 grams, immerse two weeks of above can drinkable.

4, tea drink

Take dry taste 2-3 gram to be in vacuum flask or vacuum cup develop bubble with boiling water (can add appropriately by capacity size decrease) drinkable, can develop drink 4- continuouslyForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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5 days.

Of suddenly Shan Shihu what is having a way?

5, extract juice

Take delicacy of suddenly hill the stem of noble dendrobium after floating 30 minutes with clear water abluent, cut inch of part, put a few drinking water are added inside juicer, boiling water is joined to mix adequately after breaking into pieces, can drinkable.

6, dew makes a way

Take gram of 20-30 of suddenly Shan Shihu to add right amount water decoct is good, inside the container that pours the juice with good decoct to had had again, sealed cold storage, cent second take out after heating, take.

7, water simmer in water

Will dry article (Huo Feng is fought) take 1-2 gram to make an appointment with 500 milliliter to immerse half hours with cold water first above, boil of simmer in water of reoccupy flourishing fire, small fire simmer in water 1 hour of above can. Can relapse decoction 2-3 second. Mark second take.

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