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In the course that chooses oatmeal, people can choose the oatmeal of different type according to his taste, among them fruit oatmeal is type of a kind of special gay getting a person. A few fruits were joined in fruit oatmeal, can enhance oaten mouthfeel. Because most person is eating oaten when the taste of metropolis feeling oatmeal is a bit delicate, but fruit oatmeal is in edible when be bubble or potting?

Fruit oatmeal is bubble still is boiled

Fruit cornmeal which delicious how to eat how bubble

1, fruit milk is oaten

This fruit milk is oaten, in the fruit of banana He Ping that homely milk increased good human body to grow on oaten foundation, these two kinds feed material to conduce to enhance immune power. And milk is tie-in and oaten can fill for human body calcic, goluptious nutrition.

Material: Eat oatmeal namely 2 big spoon, delicacy suckles 1/4 of 1 cup, apple, banana 1/2 root, currant a certain number of.

Practice: Enter right amount oaten enter in the cup. Oatmeal develops bubble with half cups of hot boiled water. Bright grandma is joined mix in oatmeal divide evenly. Reserve section of apple, banana. Milk is oaten in join banana, apple, scatter on currant can eat.

2, colour greens is oaten cake

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Colour greens oatmeal is special for the child custom-built, the asparagus with colourful, rich nutrition and carrot were added in material, the oatmeal on collocation and egg, this one small cake, nutrition is very comprehensive, the child had the metropolis is very invigorative in the morning!

Material: Eat oatmeal namely 3 big spoon, egg one, carrot half root, asparagus 3 root, salt, pepper.

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Practice: Carrot flay is cut piece, asparagus scrub is clean, the water in boiler is burned, put carrot piece with asparagus, very hot ripe hind fish out is cut respectively broken. Egg break up, with carrot broken asparagus breaks in joining oatmeal together, add a few salt and pepper, agitate closes mix of divide evenly Cheng Houhou mushy. Oil is put to burn heat in pan, with ladle bag has vegetable of colour of one big spoon oaten paste, put into boiler, press gently with ladle press into small cake shape. Come with decoct of medium baking temperature two sides is golden can, small cake is absorbed to go up with kitchen paper towel after giving boiler redundant oil portion. Install dish, when eating, can drench on all sorts of sauce stuff that oneself like, if sauce of ketchup, salad is sweet perhaps thick chili sauce.

Fruit oatmeal is bubble still is boiled

3, medlar corn is multicoloured a thick soup

This congee has grow liver kidney of bright eye, beneficial helps this world, be good at lienal with the stomach, action that raises hematic filling empty. Corn contains a lot ofprandial fiber, comfortableShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Eliminate the toxin of human body in time. Medlar contains the indispensible nutrition of rich carotene, vitamin and the health care such as calcic, iron.

Material: Little corn 200g, medlar 30 grams of 10 grams, oatmeal, pea (boil) 50 grams of 20 grams, pineapple, white sugar is right amount.

Practice: medlar abluent bubble is soft, flay of pineapple, carrot, clear water is added in cutting bead of fourth; corn, pea to clean clean; pan right amount, next grain of rice that enter jade, sweet pea thoroughlies cook; to put oatmeal, medlar, carrot, white candy about 5 minutes again when; gives boiler, put pineapple bead.

4, oaten milk flummery

Oaten a beneficial liver and stomach, raise the effect such as Yan Hufu. Oaten still can combat the bacterium, effect that combats oxidation. Oaten milk flummery, it is to raise colour good sweetmeats.

Material: 100 grams, Xian Niu suckles oatmeal 400 grams, egg 5, 100 grams of 100 grams of candy, currant.

Practice: Preferential the bright milk boil of 200 grams, the agitate in pouring oatmeal leaves. odd delicacy the grandma is added slight heat, put egg white sugar into has heated milk, arrange hour hand agitate with eggbeater even, next will before the oaten milk mixture with good agitate enters agitate 2 times, put in 100 grams currant entirely, in putting recipient into electric rice cooker evaporate can take out edible 10 minutes.

5, pumpkin milk oatmeal

Pumpkin is a kind of very good healthy food, contain the nutrient part with a lot of pairs of good human body, but its protein content is very low, and add appropriately right amount milk, oaten, optimized its nutrition value greatly not only, and increased to suckle sweet ornament, dainty sex is much better, achieve the result that perfect thereby.

Material: Oatmeal half cup, water half cup, milk flesh of 1 cup, pumpkin 1/4 of 80 grams, onion, earth up a root 1, salt and pepper a few, clear soup a few.

Practice: onion He Peigen cuts into shreds, fry a little, enter water, put pumpkin flesh to boil, your pumpkin is boiled soft till. Enter milk and oatmeal next, after boiling 3 minutes, flavor into salt, pepper, clear soup can.

6, corn oatmeal

Oaten every 100 grams contain protein 14 grams, adipose 7 grams, carbohydrate 68 grams, vitamin E2.3 milligram () of finished product oatmeal, still contain more vitamin B6 and calcium, phosphor, iron. Corn contains vitamin B1, vitamin B6 more, corn is tie-in and oaten, to alleviating constipation has profit very much.

Fruit oatmeal is bubble still is boiled

Material: Oaten (benevolence) 10 grams, corn (pink) 15 grams.

Practice: Corn flour is moved into rare corn to paper with cold water. Will oaten benevolence go foreign matter is abluent, put bowl inside, add water comfortable1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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The quantity is boiled to ripe and blossom. What the corn of mix up paste falls to thoroughly cook slowly is oaten inside benevolence boiler, 1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Keep with spoon agitate divide evenly, after burning boil, convert small fire is boiled a bit, can give boiler. Fill on one bowl finally can.

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