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Below normal circumstance, darling is to need to begin to add after 6 months complementary fed, normal mother milk cannot have satisfied the requirement of darling, treasure of a year oldShanghai night net

A falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city
Treasure has been to be able to eat of a lot of complementary fed, chicken is eatable of course, darling eats chicken is very much to healthy gain, it is the growth that can promote darling intelligence, had better be the chicken that eats nature to grow nevertheless, chicken although nutrition is rich, but one-time what do not eat to darling is too much.

Can a year old of darling eat chicken?

Darling eats drumstick to have what profit

1, improve the health

The digestive rate of chicken is high, be absorbed very easily to use by human body, have the effect that enhances physical strength, strong body.

2, raise immunity force

Enhance immune power, reduce sicken odds. Chicken has Wen Zhongyi gas, filling essence to fill the effect of caustic of the five internal organs of pith, beneficial, filling empty, use at treating empty fatigue emaciated, medium empty feeds heart-throb of dizziness of little, have loose bowels, menstruation to be not moved, postpartum breast the symptom such as thirsty of little, disappear, oedema.

3, promote wisdomForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

Shanghai noble baby communicates an area
Force growth

Have fight oxidation and particular alexipharmic action. Improving aspect of development of intelligence of heart brain function, stimulative children, have better effect more.

Can a year old of darling eat chicken?

Darling takes the advantage of chicken

The advantage that darling takes chicken is compensatory protein and quantity of heat. Chicken contains a lot ofprotein and amino acid, digestive rate is high, easy be absorbed by the baby, have the effect that enhances physical power. Pigeon breast flesh contains more B a group of things with common features vitamin, have more iron is contained in eliminating exhaustion and flesh of drumstick of; of protective cutaneous action, can improve flesh of wing of chicken of; of anaemia of the sex that be short of iron to contain a lot ofcollagen albumen, have the function that enhances blood-vessel, and the phosphatide that contains in gallinaceous wing is right of darling grow the effect with the very main move since development.

Can liver of gallinaceous gizzard, heart-shaped, chicken eat

Gallinaceous gizzard is contained relativelyLove Shanghai is the same as a city

Fall in love with the sea
Little adipose, and contain rich iron, but gallinaceous gizzard has a film, quality of a material is solid, not easy mastication, answer before eating to darling so first its take out, soup of gizzard of chicken of proposal chop make it. Heart-shaped contains more protein and iron, can eat to darling after make it steamed stuffed bun or steamed bread. Gallinaceous liver texture is soft, contain a large number of organic iron, easy be absorbed to use, baby incidental physiology sex is anaemic after 6 months, gallinaceous liver is one of best iron qualitative origin.

Darling eats chicken contraindication

1, darling cold falls ill should not be eat

Darling cold has a fever fall ill or chicken had better not eat when have loose bowels, because make a living digestive ability of ill darling intestines and stomach is relatively inferior, and the burden of intestines and stomach of accentuation of meeting eating chicken, stodgy, the food of darling is best and right now delicate give priority to. Additionally wind heats up the disease that suffer from excessive internal heat causes to also had better not eat, because gallinaceous sex is lukewarm, help fire.

2, should not be the chicken that eats to was not thoroughlied cook

Cantonese eats gallinaceous duck to like to eat ” unripe chicken ripe duck ” , feel the chicken of this condition is the most delicious. Dan Baobao age is small, resistance is poor, eat to do not have squashy chicken to affect a bacterium easily, the chicken that eats to darling so must squashy.

Can a year old of darling eat chicken?

How does chicken do darling to eat

1, Xianggu mushroom chicken congee

Material: Chicken half jins, Xianggu mushroom is counted, lettuce a small, a few of carrot silk, Jiang Si.

Practice: ① chicken stripping and slicing is washed clean go with leach bubble hematic water, use next cooking wine, unripe smoke, salt bloats 20 minutes;

② Xianggu mushroom uses lukewarm bleb soft go the base of a fruit cuts into shreds, silk of Jiang Qie of other lettuce carrot reserves;

③ washs rice Bao congee, wait for congee Xianggu mushroom silk, chicken, Jiang Si falls to continue after 7 maturity Bao, wait for chicken andLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

Love Shanghai is the same as a city
Silk of introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad trailing plants is entered after congee is completely ripe, lettuce silk, transfer into a few candy, a bit salt can.

2, violet potato chicken mud

Material: Violet potato, gallinaceous breast flesh, greenShanghai noble baby

Forum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net
Each are right amount.

Practice: ① general violet potato abluent, flay, gallinaceous breast flesh is abluent, reserve;

② cuts flesh of breast of violet potato section, chicken, green cuts paragraph of;

③ general chicken, green paragraph mix, with violet potato an evaporate ripe;

Forum of Shanghai noble baby

Shanghai noble baby
After ④ evaporate is ripe, choose green, become violet potato and chicken agitate slimy; again

⑤ is taken right amount in the rice paste that mud of violet potato chicken joins strong mix up, mix divide evenly can.

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