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Amblyopia is the odds that commonner paediatrics eye disease produces in 3% , although odds is very small, but unwarrantable also won’t cause because of acquired relation, for instance a lot of parents often put the child in front of television computer now, oneself go busy other issue, but eye of as time passes is important, the eye that sees the eye bad can bring about the child appears myopic, amblyopia, far-sighted, bosseyed problem.

Amblyopia takes what drug

With medical treatment

Amblyopia is relatively common children eye disease, incidence of a disease is 3% the left and right sides. Amblyopia happens in the infant period that the vision has not mature only. Because of the key in visual development period (3 years old before) He Min feels period (6 ~ 8 years old) the fastest period that is visual development, also be the vision is sufferring unusual environment at the same time exciting the easiest generation is permanent harm period.

Accordingly, in visual development key period and quick feeling period less than is seasonable and correctional irregular of frame-up, Qu Guang, strabismus reachs Qu Guang purify vision is privative the element is the basic measure that prevents amblyopia happening. Paediatrics reach oculist due quite strongA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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the consciousness that prevents amblyopia happening, the possibility that should notice to observe whether the infant has generation amblyopia element, pass detect feasibly the method is inchoate discovery, correct in time.

Amblyopia takes what drug

Since countrywide amblyopia, bosseyed prevention and cure learned composition to stand 1984, countrywide each province, municipality also established a division in succession1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Group of the amblyopia of region sex, bosseyed prevention and cure. Up to now, already held amblyopia of many whole nation, bosseyed learning to communicate meeting and international learning seminar, great progress also was obtained in the research that waits for all respects in physiology of academic to the foundation of amblyopia, psychology, report physiology.

A net of giant amblyopia strabismus prevention and cure has been formed. But this is insufficient still, the concerned knowledge that still ought to pass agency to publicize amblyopia, strabismus through more announce reachs his to endanger, make more people understand concerned amblyopia, bosseyed basic knowledge, enhance the sense that people treats early to amblyopia, strabismus discovery, early. To cooperate family planning of this one basic national policy carry out, raise fitness of our country children, ophthalmic worker bear emphasizes wanted responsibility.

The construction of the eye is very complex, careful, and be damaged very easily, light person eyesight drops, blindness of the person that weigh. Accordingly, protected good eye to become an issue that nots allow to ignore, want the convention with good nurturance to must begin from darling.

The first, be about to notice to use an eye in infant periodNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Wholesome, the towel that lets a child, handkerchief, washbasin follows adult to be used apart, lest catch acute conjunctivitis, trachoma to wait for contagious eye ill; to teach a child need not dirty hand kneads eye; not to dally with the keen and hard thing such as scissors, needle to the child, lest the injury reachs an eye.

Amblyopia takes what drug

The 2nd, educational dot notices to use eye sanitation, the child is playing a toy, see comic or not be apart from too close, want to maintain correct pose, andLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Lamplight wants enough, not too dark or too strong. It is normally when the child is 4 years old had better look up eyesight to hospital check, once discover a circumstance, answer to be treated in time. The child arrived after age of enter a school, want to notice to strike a proper balance between work and rest, insist to do eye health care to hold, prevent myopia.

The 3rd, teenager children is worth grow Yo period, should encourage the child to eat coarse food grain, food grains other than wheat and rice, vegetable, fruit more, eat the food with the high volume that contain sugar less, had better not snack, do not want partiality for a particular kind of food. Still should encourage children to arrive more outdoor activity, attend beneficial physical training, the nutrition that notices an eye furnishs.

The 4th, notice precaution catchs eye disease and systemic sex disease. A lot of contagious eye disease are caught through direct contact, no matter was to get what eye disease, want to be treated in time to the hospital. Eyeball of cross-eye of disease of sex of a few whole bodies also has very big effect, wait like tuberculosis, nephrosis. Accordingly, want to notice to prevent and cure, avoidA loveForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Relieve patient’s condition of incur loss through delay.

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