[what is the scamper law of wonton portfolio banana? ]

Article introduction

The wonton skin that leaves in daily life can make other small sock not only, still can make delicate sweetmeats, and wonton portfolio banana undertakes scamper is made not only mouthfeel crisp, and outside Jiao Li is tender, nutrition is rich, often the Potassium that place of OK and compensatory body needs edible and a variety of nutrition elements, and the way of wonton portfolio banana is simple, oneselfForum of Shanghai night net

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Can undertake making in the home.

The practice of wonton portfolio banana

The data that needs preparation has: Banana, wonton skin, edible oily;

1, get ready banana and wonton skin; first

2, take skin of a piece of wonton to cut banana agglomerate put in above;

3, after wrap up good one side, rearward applies seal of a bit water, part the appearance; with make it candied resembling

4, right amount oil is entered in boiler next, when oily Wen Sancheng is hotSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Put banana candy, small fire slowly scamper;

5, full blast comes golden can fish out accuses oily;

6, install dish eat

The practice of scamper banana:

[advocate expect]Banana 4 root, eggs 1, muddleheaded skin is right amount

[complementary makings]Pink of garlic Chengdu, soya bean sauce, oyster sauce, barbecue, thick chili sauce (right amount)

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1, head of banana take out and end, a banana can be cut 3 break, again half-and-half incision;

2, egg break up, banana is broken decorticate put an egg inside;

3, banana rolls circuit inside egg fluid, put on muddleheaded skin sideways, wrap good;

4, pan burns heat, add a few edible oily;

5, the banana that has wrapped is put down, fly into rage of every small fire controls; 1 minute

6, scamper puts oil absorption paper well, suck redundant oil, can enjoy.

Banana nutrition is analysed

1, banana contains part of nutrition of etc of many saccharide material, but allay one’s hunger, compensatory nutrition and energy;

2, cold can clear bowel heats up banana sex, A pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Flavour Gan Nengrun bowel is aperient, medicable pyretic the disease; such as irritated thirsty

3, banana can alleviate the stimulation of hydrochloric acid in gastric juice, protect; of gastric mucous membrane

4, hemal and nervous element is contained to change enzymatic stayer to pledge in banana, can restrain the elevatory; of blood pressure

5, content of extraction of banana pulp methanol has inhibition to bacterium, fungus, but antiphlogistic and alexipharmic;

6, the many carbohydrate in banana, prandial fiber can prevent cancer fight cancer.

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